About the Conference

The  Comparative Politics Conference (Sampol-konferansen) is organized by master's degree students at the Department of Comparative Politics at the University of Bergen. Since its inception in 1985, the conference has created a vibrant forum for debate that has focused on important and current social issues. Over its 30 years, the conference has evolved into a respected forum for political science debate that brings together students, voluntary organizations, businesses, and government. The Social Science Conference has covered a wide range of topics, from Arctic policy, the welfare state, and democracy to corruption, terrorism, and drug policy.

About this years Conference

(Un)limited technology: The success or downfall of democracy?

This year's Sampol conference will take place on October 18th!

During this year's conference, we want to explore the role of technology in society. The focus will be on how technology can be both the cause and solution to many of the challenges that affect various levels of society such as states, individuals, research, and business. Through debates, lectures, and panel discussions, we aim to shed light on a range of topics, including ethics and regulation of artificial intelligence, research and user data from technology companies, the use of technology by authoritarian regimes, freedom of expression in the media, radicalization and political mobilization, and green sustainable development and innovation. The conference will conclude the evening with a live broadcast of a podcast and there will be a remaining faithful to tradition there will be a party debate, this year on energy and renewable sources.

This Years Board

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